Re5cue Full Spectrum Water Soluble Tincture 1000mg


You can drink our Ultra Concentrated Hemp Extract! This is hands down the best Full Spectrum Water Soluble! Tastes amazing & works in Minutes!!

1000MG Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD + Terpene Rich!!

33MG’s of CBD per 1ML Dose!

Ultra Fast acting CBD Tincure!

9x More Bio-Available than traditional CBD Oil

Easily used in functional beverages and shots, beverage additives, chocolates and other ingestible products

Rapid Nano-Activated bioavailability and bioactivity. Feel the products take effect within 3-5 minutes.

Enhances primary bioavailable absorption into the body, but also at a particle size which is bioactive at the cellular level quickly

Dissolves readily into any beverage or liquid with minimal agitation and no foaming
No artificial flavors or colors.

Natural preservatives are added in trace amounts