Re5cue- 1000MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil + Limomeme Terpenes & Humulene


RE5CUE Full Spectrum CBD oil is a superior product in every way. Derived from the highest quality 100% USA HEMP Available. The fast acting sublingual delivery system offers a quick and precise way to get the dosage and desired effect as quickly and efficiently as possible. We believe in offering the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade CBD without additives, artificial flavoring, or any fillers! Our CBD is produced using the most cutting-edge and efficient extraction process guaranteeing the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO hemp extract in the World! Our hemp farm partners are 100% compliant with all State Department of Agriculture regulations, LGMP Certified and Food Certified. Every batch is Triple Lab Tested and Lab Sealed so you know exactly what you are getting when you use RE5CUE Products.

$5 from Every RE5CUE product sold is donated to Animal Rescues World Wide. We believe that giving back is the key to true happiness! So when you use RE5CUE products you can not only help yourself achieve all the amazing benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil, but you are also helping all of our furry friends in Need!

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LIMOMEME: Extracted from Organic Orange Peels and other Organic Citrus Fruits.

Limomeme’s Benefits include:

Elevated Mood, Decrease Anxiety, Depression Relief, Pain Reduction, Stress Relief, Healthy Digestion, Heartburn and Acid Reflux, and current studies are being conducted on Limomeme’s Cancer fighting abilities

HUMULENE is a common Cannabis Terpene found in Hops, Sage, Ginger & Ginsing

Humulene’s Benefits include:

Having been used for hundreds of years in Chinese Medicine, Humulene is most notably used for its Anti-Inflammatory Properties as well as Cancer fighting Properties. Humulene is also commonly used in supplements for it Appetite Suppressing Potential

1000MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil + Limomeme Terpenes & Humulene

High Potency, Pharmaceutical-grade CBD

100% USA-grown (No imports) Non-GMO & Always Cruelty Free!

Phytocannabinoid-Rich Oil (PCR) offers the entire spectrum of Medicine found in the Hemp plant!