Leading CBD Brands

We’ve spent years sorting through all the CBD products – so you don’t have to. CBD products have been a key part of our wellness for many years and it’s our pleasure to find what’s great and bring it right to your door.

We only carry brands and items that we would use ourselves (and we do!) and we make sure that they are trusted suppliers from seed to sale. And not only do we want the CBD to be of the highest quality we want all the ingredients to be well sourced too for a great all-around experience.

We like to carry a variety of products too – from CBD candies to high-end CBD skin serums – because we want entire families to be able to source their products from one trusted store. Not to mention we know the incredible variety of products available make it hard to source all in one place.

Everything in our store has been laboratory tested (staff too) to confirm their stated levels of CBD, to insure there is no THC and that their products meet the highest standards.