Vital Leaf


Vital Leaf specializes in crafting artisan CBD chocolates and herbal formulas that nourish your body and satisfy your most discerning taste buds.


Conscious Sourcing


Sourcing only the finest organic, fair trade, regenerative, and ethically sourced ingredients ensures that our products are of the highest quality while simultaneously stewarding positive change to the environment and communities we interact with.


Conscious Dosing


Our CBD products are placed under strict, 3rd-party testing protocols to ensure that they are consistent with their intended potency levels and that you have a predictable and enjoyable dosing experience. Testing also enables us to guarantee that our products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.


Conscious Indulging


Our handcrafted CBD edibles and chocolates are a decadent experience and free of medicinal flavors, refined sugars, and common allergens. Naturally gluten free, vegan, and low-glycemic. We believe in formulating our products to be accessible to all, including your most discerning taste buds!
Go on..treat yourself to Vital Leaf’s pure and delicious remedies.